Own the original painting of the Death card from the WilderWoven Tarot. 




Watercolor and white ink.




Artwork: 11x14 inch / Matting and Framing: 12x16 inch




To protect against UV light and moisture damage, this painting has been sprayed with an archival, non-yellowing, gloss coating. Framed without glass to remove the barrier between you and the artwork. 


Dark oak frame comes from sustainably sourced wood.




Your painting will be packaged in a well cushioned box and shipped with insurance and a tracking number.


Card Description


Upright - Endings, Transition, Transformation, Rebirth


All that exists is impermanent. Life is in a constant state of change. In the end, you will lose everything. When faced with this unavoidable reality we can resist and suffer, or we can choose to accept and embrace the inevitable. Endings may be painful, but they provide our experience with meaning and significance. Death teaches us gratitude for the people and events that enrich our lives.  


As the serpent sheds it skin to allow for further growth, we too must be willing to shed our old habits, relations, and ways of thinking. Like fungi growing from a fallen tree, death and decay provide the fertile ground for fresh opportunities to emerge. Nothing new can manifest unless something else comes to an end. The matter and energy within you has taken countless forms over eons and will take countless more until the end of time. What we truly are is something much more grander and eternal than any one single life. 


Reversed - Inability to Let Go, Preventing Change, Fear of New


Sometimes out of fear of loss or abandonment, we cling to others so tightly that we squeeze whatever life remains. Through our constriction, we prevent the occurrence of any new growth. Unknowingly or not, you may be using venomous words and thoughts to paralyze yourself and others. If so, look closely at why you are engaging in this behavior.

Death - Framed Original Watercolor Painting