Own the original painting of the Judgement card from the WilderWoven Tarot. 




Watercolor and white ink.




Artwork: 11x14 inch / Matting and Framing: 12x16 inch




To protect against UV light and moisture damage, this painting has been sprayed with an archival, non-yellowing, gloss coating. Framed without glass to remove the barrier between you and the artwork. 


Painting is held within a classic white frame.




Your painting will be packaged in a well cushioned box and shipped with insurance.


Price includes free shipping within the U.S. and Canada.


Card Description


Upright - Mercy, Release, Revival, Forgiveness


A field of dandelions at the end of their cycle scatter their seeds to the winds. They softly rise into the sky like souls ascending to the heavens. It is time for you to release feelings of sadness, guilt, and regret about the past. Know that every beautiful misstep and setback has been necessary to guide you to this significant stage of your journey. The weight you carry served you at one point, but it now may be holding you back. Let go of this burden so that you are able to move forward wholly unhindered. 


The Judgment card suggests that you are being called to fulfil your highest potential, but you need to listen closely to hear the message. The praying mantis is a symbol of mindfulness and meditation. Embrace these qualities to tune in to a higher frequency and achieve understanding of your new purpose. 


Reversed - Biting Criticism, Hesitation, Lack of Self-Awareness


The reversed Judgment may signal that you are biting off heads with rash words. If so, look closely at why you are coming from this place of aggression. What is it that you fear? Are you stuck in the weeds and feeling overwhelmed by unending but ultimately trivial demands? Being busy is addictive and keeps us distracted from our higher callings.

Judgement - Original Framed Watercolor Painting

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