Own the original painting of the Justice card from the WilderWoven Tarot. 




Watercolor and white ink.




Artwork: 11x14 inch / Matting and Framing: 12x16 inch




To protect against UV light and moisture damage, this painting has been sprayed with an archival, non-yellowing, gloss coating. Framed without glass to remove the barrier between you and the artwork. 


Dark oak frame comes from sustainably sourced wood.




Your painting will be packaged in a well cushioned box and shipped with insurance and a tracking number.


Card Description


Upright - Truth, Clarity, Patience, Karma


If your actions and intentions have been in alignment with the greater good, Justice will appear as magnificent as the rising sun after a dark night; its rays of truth illuminating all shadows and obscurities in your path. If however your activities have caused harm and confusion, be prepared for the spider’s bite. This card signifies that balance will be restored. 


As the spider, Justice is patient and methodical. Like building a web, details matter when uncovering the truth. Justice will persist until the entire woven network of facts has been established. 


The spider totem asks you to be mindful when making important decisions, carefully considering how your actions will impact yourself and others. All causes have their effects, so strive for harmony. The choices we make reverberate throughout the entire web of reality. 


Reversed - Unfairness, Injustice, Harsh Punishment


Have your actions been deceptive and your words untrue? Take care, or you may end up caught in the tangled web you weave. The spider represents the delicate balance between light and dark. It’s within your power to step out of the shadows and into the light. Do so now while the decision is still yours to make. 

Justice - Framed Original Watercolor Painting