Own the original painting of The Hanged Man card from the WilderWoven Tarot. 




Watercolor and white ink.




Artwork: 11x14 inch / Matting and Framing: 12x16 inch




To protect against UV light and moisture damage, this painting has been sprayed with an archival, non-yellowing, gloss coating. Framed without glass to remove the barrier between you and the artwork. 


Dark oak frame comes from sustainably sourced wood.




Your painting will be packaged in a well cushioned box and shipped with insurance and a tracking number.


Card Description


Upright - Awareness, Suspension, Surrender, Different Perspective


A man stands with arms outstretched at the bottom of a narrow cave. A beam of light shines down, illuminating his form. His feet are buried in the earth, keeping him solidly in place. Hundreds of bats circle above in a flurry. If he wished, he could remove the dirt off his feet and climb out of the dark and frenetic cave. But he is here under his own volition. 


Right now it may feel as if the walls are closing in and your mind is as busy as the flapping of wings. The Hanged Man suggests that there is a need to relinquish control and surrender voluntarily to the chaos around you. By resting in this confined and frantic space, you can avoid acting out of fear or desperation. As the only human figure in this deck, The Hanged Man is asking you to look at your circumstance through an alternative or uncommon perspective. Some bats may have poor vision, but they know other ways of seeing. 


Reversed - Blindness, Apathy, Feeling Stuck


The Hanged Man reversed signals that you are blind to the need for pause. Perhaps you’ve allowed yourself to be distracted by the many important tasks that hover around you, unaware that your resources are dwindling at a hurried pace. Conversely, if you’ve fallen into a pit of apathy, now is a good time to examine why you feel this way. Do you lack emotional support? Do you fear failure or feel hopeless? The first step of getting out of this cave is to figure out why you’re here in the first place. 

The Hanged Man - Original Framed Watercolor Painting