Own the original painting of The Tower card from the WilderWoven Tarot. 




Watercolor and white ink.




Artwork: 11x14 inch / Matting and Framing: 12x16 inch




To protect against UV light and moisture damage, this painting has been sprayed with an archival, non-yellowing, gloss coating. Framed without glass to remove the barrier between you and the artwork. 


Painting is held within a classic white frame.




Your painting will be packaged in a well cushioned box and shipped with insurance and a tracking number.


Card Description


Upright - Awakening, Catastrophe, Destruction, Illumination


Some obstacles to enlightenment are dense yet imperceptible. Like invisible walls, they prevent us from moving forward despite the appearance of a clear path. When we’ve been duped by these hidden obstructions, a wrathful protector may come to our defense. The scorpion sting forcibly wakes us to reality and its pincers shear away at what has been holding us back. 


The Tower indicates a sudden catastrophic event that leaves us questioning everything. Like a bolt of lightning that pierces the night sky, a flash of insight can breakthrough darkness and illusion. In this time of upheaval, the scorpion spirit encourages you not to resist the change. Allow its venom to run its course. Let it destroy that which does not serve you so there is space for something new to flourish. 


Reversed - Denial of Truth, Avoiding Disaster, Inner Transformation


Are you putting on a brave face trying to convince yourself you haven’t been stung? Are you pretending that you didn’t just see the light? The reversed Tower card suggests you are denying the clear and obvious truth. You may try to maintain poised, external appearances, but a thunderstorm of change is occurring within. 

The Tower - Original Framed Watercolor Painting