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Chapter 1 - A Strange Visitor

October 11, 2017



Now having spent over a year building the characters of my Borders and Boundaries series, I’d like to take some time to develop a few of their stories. While painting, I often wonder about the lives and experiences of the subjects I’m creating. I think about where they’re from and what magic they possess. The places they’ve travelled and the secrets they hold.





The first story centres around owl and fox. It’s about a strange visitor and an inward journey. I’m unsure at this point if these stories will have accompanying text or if it will be strictly visual.


Here are the initial sketches:


These thumbnail scribbles are how all my paintings originate.


While brainstorming, I decided that this story required at least three chapters, but ideally four. I envision these four chapters being presented vertically, one on top of the other.


Finished drawings ready to be transferred:  



I made a critical mistake when transferring these drawings that forced to me to start over. I'll write another blog post about the importance of using the right paper. 


Alright, time to start working on Chapter 2...



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