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Painting Tutorial - Seahorse

January 12, 2018

This is painting I made for my sister. She was instrumental in my pursuit of becoming an artist and her encouragement over the years has been a treasure. I chose to paint a seahorse because that has been her favourite animal for as long as I can remember.


                                                                             Inner Treasure                                                                          








The colorus that I used to paint this seahorse are:


- Ultramarine Turquoise

- Lemon Yellow

- Cerulean Blue

- Ultramarine Blue

- Payne’s Grey

- Quinacridone Rust












                                 The Palette










As with most of my paintings, I began with a pencil drawing of the subject. I do my drawings on a separate sheet in order to save the paper I paint on from the wear and tear of erasing and re-sketching.













                                                                                                                            Finished Drawing


Once the sketch is complete, I turn the paper over and hold the drawing against a window. Looking through the page, I then rub graphite over all the lines that I can see. Next I cut out the drawing so that I have a better idea of how it will fit on the watercolour sheet. Once I’m happy with its position, I tape it in place. Finally, I transfer the graphite by re-tracing over the lines. The result is a soft outline that fades during the painting process, but provides enough structure so that I know where to paint.  













Now the fun part begins. Here is the initial wash. A layer of Cerulean Blue at the top and mixtures of Ultramarine Turquoise and Payne’s grey on the seafloor.













                                                                                                      Initial Wash









Here I deepened the colours by adding more layers of paint. I used a combination of Q. Rust and Payne’s Grey for the initial wash of the wreckage. A greater ratio of Payne's Grey was used for the wreckage interior. 












                           Deepening Colours





I mixed a tiny amount of U. Turquoise to Lemon Yellow to create the greens for the seagrass. I added a little more U. Turquoise when painting the darker side of the leaves. At this stage I also began adding more details to the ocean floor.


The fish near the wreckage were painting with U. Blue. The ones in the foreground were painted with Lemon Yellow. I added more layers of blue to the water at the top of the page and defined the “eye” (bubble) of the seahorse by creating a shadow around it.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Seagrass & Fish








I applied a little glue to opening of the wreckage and added a small amount of gold leaf to it. Once the glue had dried, I brushed away the excess gold leaf with my brush.  












                      Adding Gold Leaf








Using more U. Blue, I painted shadows on the background fish. And using a combination of U. Blue and Q. Rush, I painted shadows on the ones in the foreground. With a white gel pen, I added a few scattered bubbles around the painting. I placed the bubbles in areas that were a bit darker, so that they would have greater contrast.



After a couple more passes of adding details and contrast, the painting was complete. 









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