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The WilderWoven Tarot

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About the Deck

The WilderWoven Tarot is a fully-illustrated 80 card tarot deck. It weaves the beauty and magic found within the natural world with the insights and wisdom of the tarot. The images were painted in a silhouette style to provide the cards with layers of meaning and to speak to the relationship between inner and outer forms, visually demonstrating that we are in this world and the world is within us. The Major Arcana are represented by animals, while the Minor Arcana take the form of the elements associated with each suit: water, earth, air, and fire.

WilderWoven Tarot
WilderWoven Tarot

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"Easily one of the most beautiful, high quality tarot decks I've ever purchased! So glad I finally caved and bought it for myself. Shipped quickly with thoughtful packaging, and definitely made me smile like a little kid when I saw it in my mailbox." - Red

"Hands down the most beautiful tarot deck I've encountered. Not only is the artwork beautiful and insightful, it clearly was deeply thought out to associate with the tarot meanings. Intuitive reading is a breeze with this, and it just feels profound to work with. On a practical note, the card size is large but still shuffle-able once you get used to it. The cardstock quality is smooth, soft, and sturdy with a nice storage box. The guidebook is also a wealth of information, way more than any other booklet that I've seen come with a deck. It too was clearly deeply thought about and ties the images to the traditional tarot meanings well; while adding extra insight with the specific artwork. Highly recommend this deck!" - Kiara

"I absolutely love this deck, it's very whimsical and is beautiful. The deck is so well done that you don't really need to reference a book during a reading, the imagery is so beautifully done. I love this deck, as a light worker I tend to feel a deck's energy and this deck is as light as air offering up the most beautiful light. I love this deck." - Brandy

The Artwork

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