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The WilderWoven Tarot

The WilderWoven Tarot is a fully-illustrated 80 card tarot deck. It weaves the beauty and magic found in the Pacific Northwest wilderness with the insights and wisdom of the tarot. The images were painted in a silhouette style to provide the cards with layers of meaning and to speak to the relationship between inner and outer forms, visually demonstrating that we are in this world and the world is within us. The Major Arcana are represented by animals, while the Minor Arcana take the form of the elements associated with each suit: water, earth, air, and fire.


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WilderWoven Tarot
Greg White

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The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana represent the situations and events that impact our lives in highly significant ways. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana numbered 0 through 21. When these cards are read in sequence, they trace the Fool’s journey from new beginnings to integrated endings. Along the way, the Fool (also known as the seeker) will encounter archetypal forces, learn important lessons, and overcome formidable obstacles. When a card from the Major Arcana appears in a reading, pay close attention. It may indicate a key life theme, teaching, or difficulty.


The Suit of Cups represents feelings, emotions, and intuition. In this deck, these themes are embodied by aquatic creatures. Cup cards offer guidance on issues relating to relationships and our emotional well-being. This suit is associated with the element of water, as illustrated by the droplet silhouette.

The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Pentacles represents finances, career, and material matters. In this deck, these themes are embodied by terrestrial mammals. Pentacle cards offer guidance on issues relating to money, home, and physical health. This suit is associated with the element of earth, as illustrated by the mountain silhouette.

The Suit of Pentacles